Nystagmus Test Atlanta, Georgia

The Nystagmus test is a test used in Atlanta to test for a DUI arrest. Nystagmus is an eye condition characterized by involuntary rapid, jerky eye movements. It is a symptom that should always be investigated by a specialist, as it can be a result of disorders other than DUI.

There have been approximately 45 types of Nystagmus identified. Most of these forms are pathological and have either been classified as being congenital or acquired. It is important to distinguish between these conditions because Acquired Nystagmus is often indicative of neurological dysfunction.

Some Common Types:

  • Acquired or Late Onset Nystagmus – Occurs later in life, usually the consequence of some disease or accident.
  • Congenital or Early Onset Nystagmus – This form has many causes, sometimes genetic and often linked to other eye problems. It occurs in the very young, persisting for the rest of the individual’s life.
  • Horizontal Nystagmus – The eyes move back and forth.
  • Jerk Nystagmus – Type of eye movement where the eyes accelerate as they move.
  • Latent Nystagmus – Condition appears when one eye is covered up.
  • Manifest Latent Nystagmus – Visible all the time because one eye is ‘covered’ by some other form of impairment such as a cataract.
  • Rotatory Nystagmus – The eyes move round and round.
  • Pendular Nystagmus – Thought to be a result of a delay in messages to the brainstem. It can be congenital or acquired and is characterized by eye movements that are equally paced in each direction. Oscillations may be vertical, horizontal, diagonal or rotary. There also exists a fast and slow phases to the waveform.
  • Vertical Nystagmus – The eyes move up and down.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, and were tested for Nystagmus, contact an experienced Atlanta DUI attorney. Scott Smith has handled numerous DUI cases where there was a false result for the Nystagmus test. Contact Atlanta DUI lawyer, Scott Smith, at 404-581-0999