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Alcohol Impairment Chart

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Georgia Alcohol Impairment Chart

This chart is intended as a guide, not a guarantee.

Each person is affected by alcohol differently. Many things may affect your blood alcohol level such as age, physical condition, gender, amount of food consumed and certain types of medications or drugs. It is also important to note that different drinks contain different amounts of alcohol, therefore, it’s important to know the concentration and how much alcohol you consume. To avoid an Atlanta DUI please drink responsibly. And if you are arrested for a DUI in Altanta, contact an Atlanta DUI attorney immediately. An Atlanta DUI attorney can help save you from the frustration of being arrested. Call Atlanta DUI lawyer Scott Smith. Our DUI attorney will help you get your life back on track.

You should never drive after drinking. Impairment from drinking begins following your first drink.

If you find yourself under arrest for a DUI in Atlanta, contact Atlanta DUI attorney, Scott Smith, at 404-581-0999. Never attempt to represent yourself for a DUI arrest. Your future is at stake. Call an experienced Atlanta DUI attorney.

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