Georgia DUI Glossary

The following are some of the more common acronyms for DUI or drunk driving.

DUI – Normally is recognized as the abbreviation for Driving Under the Influence. Alcohol is by far the most common impairing substance. Several states prohibit DUI drugs and toxic vapors from butane, paint thinner, paint fumes and other chemicals.

DWI – DWI is the next most common acronym. This is commonly interpreted as the abbreviation for Driving While Intoxicated or While Impaired depending on the state practice. Intoxicated or Impaired Driving can be caused by drugs, plants, chemicals or other impairing substances.

OUI – OUI stands for Operating Under the Influence. It is probably the next commonly recognized acronym for drunk driving. Operating is actually a more accurate description than driving as nearly all states make it illegal to operate a vehicle while Under the Influence.

OWI – OWI stands for Operating While Intoxicated

DUIL – Driving While Under the Influence of Liquor

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