Protect Yourself with the Best Atlanta Forgery Representation

Hiring the best Atlanta forgery representation is crucial in order to protect yourself if you’re facing forgery charges. The consequences and sentences of such charges can be severe, and every step must be taken to fully guard yourself, prove your innocence, or seek alternative resolutions and lesser penalties.

Forgery in the first degree in the state of Georgia (16-9-1) falls under the Georgia Code for Forgery and Fraudulent Practices. A person commits forgery in the first degree when with intent to defraud he or she knowingly makes, alters or possesses any writing in a fictitious name or a manner purporting to have been made by another person.

Many individuals do not realize at first the extent and severity of the penalties they may be facing with forgery. Sentencing for forgery in the first degree includes a prison term of not less than one year, and up to 10 years. In addition to severe prison sentences, forgery charges may also come with large monetary fines and other punishments or restrictions.

Forgery in the second degree includes sentences of between one and five years in prison. Other codes and issues which may be at play depending on the circumstances of your case include the manufacturing or selling of false identification, or counterfeit or false proof of insurance documents.

As with your defense against all charges, your Atlanta forgery representation will need to carefully evaluate the specific circumstances of your case in order to protect you. Factors ranging from how or why the forgery was used, obtained or created, to your age, background and more, all play a role in determining the types of charges you may be facing, the severity of the penalties, and what resolutions may be possible.

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