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Cocaine Possession Defense

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Atlanta Cocaine Possession Defense Lawyer

At the Peachstate Lawyer, we pride ourselves in our work as an experienced and successful Atlanta cocaine possession defense lawyer. We understand that each individual and each case is unique, and our attention to detail and commitment to your cause will be unmatched.

Possession of cocaine is a serious charge in the state of Georgia, and you’ll need an expert hand to guide you through the process and fight to ensure a positive outcome. At W. Scott Smith, a leading cocaine defense attorney in Atlanta, we have the know-how, experience and commitment you need.

According to the Criminal Code of Georgia 16-13-30, possession of a schedule II substance such as cocaine carries a prison sentence of between 2 and 15 years for first offenders. A second offense has a prison sentence of between 5 and 30 years.

As your Atlanta cocaine defense lawyer, we understand that charges such as these aren’t merely an inconvenience or embarrassment for your personal and professional standing, they can levy major, life-changing sentences and punishments.

Don’t delay to seek legal assistance when and if you’re facing cocaine possession charges. Call the Peachstate Lawyer today at 404.581.0999 for a free case evaluation. We’ll discuss your case and circumstances, and the best way to proceed as your new Atlanta cocaine possession defense lawyer.

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