Limited Driving Permit in Georgia

Temporary Permits for DUIs, License Reinstatement

Knowing how and when you can obtain a Georgia temporary permit in DUI cases is an important step. At the Peachstate Lawyer, we regularly help our clients obtain their limited driving permit in Georgia, and then guide them towards quick license reinstatement as well.

If you plead guilty to DUI, and it is your first conviction in Atlanta within five years, you are immediately eligible for a Georgia temporary driving permit. DUI driving permits known as a temporary or limited driving permit in Georgia will be valid for 120 days from the date of the conviction. In order to get a Georgia temporary driving permit, the court should complete the official DS1126 form (First DUI Conviction Court Affidavit).

You should take the limited driving permit in Georgia which the court issues you to the nearest DDS Customer Service Center for issuance of the official Georgia temporary permit. Locations of Customer Service Centers can be found at Driver’s License Offices Are Open Tuesday through Saturday. Tuesday is typically a very busy day, so please plan ahead. A $25.00 fee will need to be paid to the examiner at the DDS Customer Service Center.

License Reinstatement in Georgia for DUIs

Beyond understanding how and when you can obtain temporary DUI driving permits in Georgia, it’s also important to understand how and when you can obtain license reinstatement.

120 days after the date you surrendered your most recently issued driver’s license to the court, to DDS, or the date which DDS processed the conviction, you may apply for reinstatement of your driver’s license, provided you:

  1. Submit an original certificate of completion of an approved DUI Alcohol/Drug Use Risk Reduction Program;
  2. Remit a $210.00 restoration fee (or $200.00 if restoration is processed by mail).

If by mail, the following address should be used:
Department of Driver Services
PO Box 105182
Atlanta, GA 30348-5182

This suspension will not age off, but will remain active until the defendant has completed the requirements listed above.

If you need assistance with a Georgia temporary driving permit, contact an Atlanta DUI attorney. Atlanta DUI attorney, W. Scott Smith today. At the Peachstate Lawyer, we’ll provide you with a free case evaluation and will answer your questions about license reinstatement, obtaining a limited driving permit in Georgia, and more. Call us today at 404.581.0999 to get started and you’ll be one step closer to utilizing your Georgia temporary permit.