DUI Defense in Marietta, Georgia

W. Scott Smith, the Peachstate Lawyer, is located in Atlanta, serving clients throughout the region as an experienced and knowledgeable Atlanta DUI lawyer. However, that also means that we work with individuals from all nearby cities and locales, and all of Atlanta’s suburbs, providing DUI defense in Marietta, Georgia as well.

Marietta is just approximately 20 miles northwest of downtown Atlanta in Cobb County, GA. With a population of about 56,500 people, it’s one of Atlanta’s larger suburbs, and ranks amongst the top 15 cities in the state in terms of population.

As a Marietta DUI attorney, we often work with clients who may either reside in Marietta with their families but work in Atlanta and commute every day, or who otherwise travel back and forth to Marietta to visit family or friends. Whether you live there, travel there, or were somewhere in between, the Peachstate Lawyer is ready to provide you with DUI defense in Marietta, Georgia.

In addition to our extensive courtroom experience, and our successful track record of handling DUI cases and charges of all types, at the Peachstate Lawyer, we strive to provide all of our clients with the complete commitment and dedication they deserve.

We’ll fight on your behalf, and do our best to help you a see a positive outcome even if the circumstances may seem dire. We know all of ins and outs of DUI defense in Marietta, about applying for temporary permits and license reinstatements, fighting against faulty results from the Nystagamus test which may be used against you, dealing with 2nd or 3rd offense DUI charges, and much more.

Contact our office at 404.581.0999 today for a free case evaluation, and we’ll tell you more about how we can help you as your Marietta DUI attorney.