Field Sobriety Tests: Atlanta, Georgia

The results of field sobriety tests in use today are highly questionable as an accurate determination of the amount of alcohol in someone’s bloodstream to prove whether an individual is intoxicated. But routinely in DUI trials, the prosecutors use the results from field sobriety tests as evidence.

Evidence from a field sobriety test should never be openly accepted as evidence against a defendant without a thorough cross-examination by the defense. With a highly experienced attorney like W. Scott Smith, you can be confident that all angles of the field sobriety tests will be challenged.

In addition to the questioning of the field sobriety tests is the contesting of the arresting police officer’s report which would then discredit the field sobriety test as evidence. Atlanta DUI lawyer, W. Scott Smith, has extensive experience and knowledge in this type of defense and can develop a strong argument in your defense to help keep your record clear of a DUI conviction.

Types of DUI Field Sobriety Tests

  • Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test
  • One Leg Stand
  • Walk and Turn
  • Portable Alcosensor Test

If you have been arrested for a DUI and were tested for Nystagmus, contact an experienced Atlanta DUI attorney. Atlanta DUI lawyer Scott Smith has handled numerous DUI cases where there was a false result for the Nystagmus test. Contact Atlanta DUI attorney, Scott Smith, at 404-581-0999.