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Financial Transaction Card Theft

Financial Transaction Card Theft is the forgery crime we do the second most consults for in our office. It generally involves someone who takes the debit or credit card or the information on the debit/credit card of another with the plan to use that information later for their own benefit or to give or sell […]

Georgia Court Dates

Months ago, you had one of your worst days ever: you were arrested. The time it took to bond out seemed like an eternity. But you’re finally out of jail, and you swear you’ll never be back. Weeks pass, and it all seems like a bad dream. Until one day you check your mail and […]

Probation Revocation in Georgia

Understanding Probation and Revocation Most sentences in criminal cases involve a period on probation. Probation, while timely and expensive, allows you to serve your sentence in the outside world and not behind bars. The downside of this is if your probation officer alleges you violated a term of probation, he or she can petition for […]

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