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Are you entitled to Bond in the State of Georgia in Criminal Cases?

by Carl Chapman The court is authorized but not required to grant a bond in most cases. The court may deny bond or grant a very high bond for more serious offenses, especially with repeat offenders. When deciding whether to grant a bond as well as to what amount, the court considers the following:   […]

Giving False Names and Statements to Police in Georgia

by Mary Agramonte The Constitution gives us an absolute right to remain silent in response to police questioning. Our best advice is to use it. Your silence cannot be used against you and is not a crime. So proudly use it! Often times, people will instead make stories up to police officers in hopes of […]

Mandatory Minimum Sentences in Federal Court

by John Lovell If you’ve been charged with a federal crime in the state of Georgia, many federal crimes require a “mandatory minimum” sentence. Mandatory minimum sentences reflect a “one-size-fits-all” form of justice. It is the legislative and executive branches of the government imposing arbitrary sentences without information pertaining to the person convicted or the […]

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