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Robbery v. Theft by Shoplifting

My last two robbery blogs discussed robbery by force and robbery by sudden snatching. Both contemplate the taking of someone’s property from their person or immediate presence. Moreover, both require that the victim be aware of the theft before it’s completed. The main difference, of course, is one does not require force, aka snatching. But […]

Homicide in Georgia: Blood

Does it matter in Georgia criminal defense that the victim in a murder case was impaired on drugs or alcohol at the time he was killed? Yes and no.  In all homicide cases, pursuant to the Georgia Death Investigation Act, a Georgia medical examiner will perform an autopsy for potential prosecution.  Six of Georgia’s 189 […]

Robbery by Force

Our last robbery blog discussed robbery by sudden snatching, and it is slightly different than robbery by force. Sudden snatching is when an offender is alleged to have stolen something from someone’s person or immediate presence without use of force or threat or intimidation. A key element of this crime is that the victim is […]

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