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Georgia DUI Law: DUI Second Offense in Five Years

If you are charged with DUI in Georgia, you need to hire a skilled and experienced attorney to handle your case. DUI’s can be complex in nature and if convicted, will expose you to serious criminal liability. This article will discuss the criminal penalties to expect if you are convicted of DUI in Georgia for the second time within a five year period, measured by the dates of arrest for which a conviction was obtained.

A Quick Guide to Probation Revocations

Probation revocations in Georgia can be daunting for even your most seasoned criminal defense attorneys. As I tell many of our clients when you are on probation it is like having one foot in the street and one foot in the jail. Any little misstep can cause an over eager probation officer to file a petition to revoke your probation and place you in jail or prison.

Has Georgia’s New Hemp Bill, House Bill 213, Caused Issues for Marijuana Prosecutions?

On May 10, 2019 Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed House Bill 213 into law. House Bill 213 creates a standard for Georgians to grow and handle hemp. House Bill 213 also removes hemp from the list of schedule I controlled substances in Georgia.

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