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Probation Violations in Georgia

In Georgia, a common consequence after a conviction of either a misdemeanor or a felony is a term of probation. A separate proceeding may occur if the accused, after conviction of a crime, violates his/her probationary conditions. This separate proceeding is called a probation revocation. When an accused is sentenced to probation, he/she is usually […]

Speeding Laws in Georgia

In Georgia, a speeding citation can result in a number of possible consequences. Not only will there be a monetary fine associated with driving over the maximum speed limit, but also the citation can add points to the driver’s record, which in turn could suspend his/her license, and possibly even increase costs of insurance. The […]

Aggravated Battery Charges in Georgia

In Georgia, there are multiple types of battery offenses such as simple battery, battery, family violence battery, and aggravated battery. This blog will solely focus on aggravated battery. According to O.C.G.A. § 16-5-24, a person commits the offense of aggravated battery when he/she maliciously causes bodily harm to another by depriving him/her of a member […]

College Park Georgia DUI Attorney

College Park, Georgia is home to the College Park Municipal Court where Kim Cornwell prosecutes DUI, traffic, marijuana, and City Ordinance cases made by the College Park Police Department. The Honorable Judge Honorable Monica Ewing presides over the College Park Municipal Court which is located at 3717 College Street in College Park, Georgia.   One […]

Roswell Georgia DUI Attorney

Roswell, Georgia is home to the Roswell Municipal Court where Judge Brian Hansford presides over DUI, Traffic, Marijuana, and other City Violation cases brought by Roswell Police Department. The Roswell Municipal Court is located at 38 Hill Street in Roswell, Georgia.   One of the most common cases we see in the Roswell Municipal Court […]

The Georgia First Offender Act

The First Offender Act is a progressive statute implemented by the State of Georgia where a person who has never been convicted of a prior felony offense can be sentenced on a pending charge, but subsequently, have those charges sealed by the court if he/she successfully completes their First Offender sentence. According to O.C.G.A. § […]

License Suspension after DUI Conviction in Georgia

Following a DUI conviction, the State of Georgia has authority to suspend/ revoke the driver’s license of the accused. However, the length of the suspension/ revocation depends on his/her past criminal history. In Georgia, the Department of Driver’s Services determines the duration of a license suspension/ revocation by looking at the past 5 years of […]

Family Violence Battery Charges in Georgia

In Georgia, a family violence battery is the identical charge of battery except that the alleged victim in the case has some sort of familial connection to the accused. The State of Georgia also takes family violence offenses very seriously and they can prosecute the accused of family violence, even if the victim does not […]