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Georgia DUI: How many points in a DUI?

In Georgia, a driver’s license will be automatically suspended if engaged in serious traffic violations. Therefore, a DUI does not accumulate any points on your driving record, also called a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) but carries immediate consequences. For a first DUI conviction (for drivers over the age of 21), your license will be suspended […]

Georgia Criminal Law – Justification as a Defense

As an affirmative defense, the fact that a person’s conduct is justified under the law is a defense to prosecution for any crime based on that conduct. The defense of justification can be claimed: (1) When the person’s conduct is justified under Code Section 16-3-21, 16-3-23, 16-3-24, 16-3-25, or 16-3-26; (2) When the person’s conduct […]

Trafficking Marijuana at Atlanta Airport

When a person traveling to Atlanta is charged with trafficking marijuana at the Atlanta airport the first concern is going to be how to get a bond to get the person charged with trafficking marijuana at the Atlanta airport out of jail as soon as possible. Another question is, how much will my bond be […]

Requirements to Enter a Guilty Plea in Georgia

This blog article serves to answer one simple question: what are the prerequisites for a voluntary guilty plea?   A judge shall not accept a plea of guilty without first determining the plea was entered voluntarily. Uniform Rules of Superior Court 33.7; Williams v. State, 221 Ga. App. 291 (1996).   To establish voluntariness, judges […]