Atlanta Marijuana Possession Defense Attorney

Hiring the right Atlanta marijuana possession defense attorney can have a huge impact on your case. Don’t be fooled into thinking these charges aren’t serious, or that they’re easy to defeat. You’ll need the right legal team to protect you and cover every detail, and that’s how W. Scott Smith, Peachstate Lawyer, can help as your Atlanta marijuana defense attorney.

Marijuana possession in the state of Georgia is a serious offense which can come with major repercussions, which is why it’s so important to have a high quality and experienced marijuana possession lawyer in Atlanta on your side.

In fact, Georgia is regarded as having some of the strictest and most punitive legal codes for marijuana possession. According to the Criminal Code of Georgia 16-13-30, possession of marijuana is a felony offense with a prison sentence of between 2 and 15 years for the first offense.

Of course, many factors will have an impact on what kind of sentence and punishment is being faced. This includes whether this is a first, second or additional offense, the quantity of marijuana which was found, whether or not there was intention to distribute, and many other specifics and circumstances surrounding your arrest.

If you’re facing a marijuana possession charge in Atlanta and the surrounding region in Georgia, don’t leave anything to chance. At W. Scott Smith, we have the experience and expertise as a leading Atlanta marijuana defense attorney that you need.

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