Atlanta DUI Attorney Interview: What to Know & Expect

Hiring the right Atlanta DUI lawyer will have a huge bearing on the outcome of your case. It’s important to know what to do and expect right from the start, which means learning more about an Atlanta DUI attorney interview.

Building an attorney-client relationship happens during the initial Atlanta DUI attorney interview. The establishment of cooperation and trust of the client is created, pertinent information is gathered about your case, the costs and fees involved are discussed and the process in which your Atlanta DUI lawyer will defend your case is determined.

Honesty and openness is the key to a good attorney-client relationship. It is so important for the client to share all information with his or her legal team in their initial Atlanta DUI attorney interview. There is no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed and hold information back. It could harm you in the future if your Atlanta DUI attorney is not aware of certain facts or secrets. At your first meeting, be sure to bring all pertinent documents about your case, such as: the citations, notice of suspension, the results of your breath/blood test, etc.

It will also be good time to discuss the implications of the charges and what the possible fines, penalties or jail time may be. We will discuss the procedures of the court system that must be followed for an Atlanta DUI arrest.

An Atlanta DUI attorney is not able to make any promises or guarantees as a result of their representation, however, we will be able to provide guidance on what you could reasonably expect, as well as the best course of action for how to proceed. It’s important to get on the same page with your Atlanta DUI lawyer, and find somebody who is both experienced and successful in this area of the law, but also attuned to your own needs and personal preferences.

Attorney fees will also be a topic of discussion at this meeting. Your Atlanta DUI attorney will be frank and honest with you and explain how all the fees will play out depending upon whether you settle out of court or require a full jury trial. A payment schedule can also be discussed at this time with your Atlanta DUI attorney.

It would be wise not to include any third party members at the initial Atlanta DUI attorney interview. The only exception to this would be if a minor is involved in the DUI and it would good to have a parent or legal guardian present as well.

The best advice is to show up to the initial Atlanta DUI attorney meeting with a positive attitude, do some research on DUI laws and penalties and have a list of questions for your Atlanta DUI attorney. Call the Peachstate Lawyer today at 404.581.0999 to set up your initial meeting and free case evaluation with Atlanta DUI attorney W. Scott Smith.