Alpharetta, GA DUI Attorney and Defense Firm

W. Scott Smith, the Peachstate Lawyer, has served many clients as an Alpharetta DUI attorney. We have the experience you need when you’re facing these serious charges, and we provide all of our clients with our complete dedication and commitment.

No matter the circumstances of your arrest, and whether this is your 1st, 2nd, 3rd or even 4th offense, we’re here to help take up your case and your cause.

As an Atlanta DUI law firm, W. Scott Smith also provides DUI defense in Alpharetta, GA. Alpharetta is about 25 miles north of Atlanta, and with a population of approximately 57,500 in 2010, it’s one of the state’s larger cities in its own accord.

Many of our clients either reside in Alpharetta and commute to downtown Atlanta for work, or visit the suburb often, so it’s not unusual for our firm to take on cases as an Alpharetta DUI attorney.

The Peachsate Lawyer has a wide range of firsthand experience as an Atlanta DUI law firm, handling DUI cases of all varieties and circumstances. It’s this experience, along with our skill in and out of the courtroom, and our ability to leave no stone unturned in your defense that may prove to be the difference for you and your case.

When your life, your job, your reputation and so much more is at stake, you need high quality DUI defense in Alpharetta, GA. You cannot afford to leave anything to chance, and there’s no time to delay. The sooner you take action, the better your defense will be.

Contact W. Scott Smith, the Peachstate Lawyer, today at 404.581.0999 and we’ll provide you with a free case evaluation to show you more about how we may be able to help as your Alpharetta DUI attorney.