Child Molestation in Cherokee County

Child Molestation is a serious crime in the State of Georgia. If you are arrested in Cherokee County for child molestation or aggravated child molestation, please do not make any statements to the police. It is imperative that you retain a qualified attorney immediately if you are being accused of child molestation. The Cherokee County […]

Boating Under the Influence in Hall County

Georgia law makes it a crime to operate a boat or other moving water vessel (for example, a jet ski) under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a combination on a public waterway. The legal blood alcohol content for someone over 21 is the same as it is for a car: .08. The legal limit […]

I Got Caught Speeding. Now What?

If you’ve spent any time driving in Atlanta, I’m sure you’ve either witnessed another driver speeding or sped yourself. Ramifications from a speeding ticket vary based on your speed: 15-18 mph over: 2 points 19-23 mph: 3 points 24-33 mph: 4 points 34+: 6 points In Georgia, if you accumulate 15 points in a 24 […]

Possession of Tools – Cobb County Criminal Defense Attorney

Georgia law criminalizes the possession of tools for the commission of a crime. In fact, it is a felony offense. If you are arrested in Cobb County for Possession of Tools, the First Appearance hearing will be the initial court appearance in front of a Judge. This occurs within 48 hours of an arrest without a warrant, or 72 hours if […]

Child Cruelty in Gwinnett County

In Georgia, there are three types of child cruelty- 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree. 1st degree child cruelty occurs when a parent, guardian, or other person supervising a child willfully deprives a child of necessary sustenance to the point that the child’s health or well-being is jeopardized OR when a person maliciously causes a child […]