Theft by Shoplifting Charges in Rockdale County, Georgia

A shoplifting conviction is no small matter. It will negatively impact your ability to gain employment, apply for housing, and it will permanently remain on your criminal record. It is critical you contact an experienced attorney to investigate the facts, prepare legal challenges and defenses, and mitigate possible punishment. Our firm routinely handles shoplifting cases […]

Habitual Violator Conviction and License Suspension in Georgia

Being declared a habitual violator can have very long-term and harmful effects on drivers in Georgia. Habitual violator is a status that occurs when convicted of certain traffic offenses, and it results in an immediate five year license suspension. It is also an offense that goes onto a person’s criminal history and can even lead […]

Racing or Drag Racing Arrests and Citations in Atlanta, Georgia

Street racing is considered major traffic violation in Georgia. Throughout 2020, there was a significant increase in Street Racing and Laying Drag in Atlanta. In response, the Atlanta Police Department and Georgia State Patrol implemented a substantial coordinated effort to reduce street racing and laying drag on highways. According to the Atlanta Police Department, there […]

Laying Drag Arrests and Citations in Atlanta, Georgia

This past year saw a new illegal trend in Atlanta: Laying Drag. We saw it everywhere from local news coverage to live streamed social media posts of cars driven in a circular course while bystanders gathered to look on. In response to the increase in Laying Drag in Atlanta, the Atlanta Police Department and the […]

No Proof of Automobile Insurance in Georgia

Georgia law requires that drivers maintain minimum motor vehicle liability insurance. Additionally, drivers must carry proof of that insurance in their vehicle at all times. Georgia law does allow proof of insurance via electronic format or paper.   What is the Required Minimum Georgia Insurance Coverage? Bodily Injury Liability: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident […]