Atlanta Hit and Run Attorneys

by Mary Agramonte Whenever you are in a car accident involving either property damage or personal injury, Georgia law provides that a driver is required to do the following things: Give your name, address, and registration of the vehicle Upon request, provide a driver’s license Render reasonable aid to injured parties – such as transporting […]

Atlanta Entering Auto Attorney

by Mary Agramonte Being arrested for any crime can be a stressful experience. Being arrested for Entering  Auto or Theft by Taking can be even more stressful based on the harsh consequences and the idea of facing a felony charge. If you or your loved one has been arrested for Entering Auto in the Atlanta […]

Right to Bind Over from Municipal or Traffic Court in Georgia Criminal Cases

In Georgia, everyone charged with a crime against the laws of this state has a constitutional right to a trial by jury. The key word here is the laws of the State. Some municipalities have their own subset of rules that usually overlap with state laws. These rules are called local ordinances and they can […]

How Cell Phone Records Can Create an Alibi Defense in Georgia Criminal Cases

by Scott Smith An alibi is a claim that you were not on the scene when the crime was committed. Alibi is a powerful defense in Georgia.  It is a statement to the jury you were not present when the crime was committed and therefore you cannot be found guilty. Although there are some exceptions, […]

The “Safety Valve” Alternative to Mandatory Minimum Sentencing in Federal Court

by John Lovell I recently wrote about mandatory minimum sentences in federal court. There is a means to be sentenced below the mandatory minimum sentence, the “safety valve” provision. First, let me tell you what the safety valve is not: It is not a first offender statute similar to the Georgia statute where, when certain […]