Marietta Driving under the Influence (DUI) Lawyer

by Mary Agramonte If you or a loved one has been charged with a Marietta DUI, contact our firm to speak with experienced DUI attorneys on how to best defend your case. Experienced Marietta lawyers in our firm are available any time, including nights and weekends, to provide you with the best possible outcome and […]

Jury Selection in Georgia

Jury Selection or  to use the legal term “Voir Dire” (meaning  in Georgia the questioning of prospective jurors by a judge and attorneys in court) is very similar to the process in other states and federal courts. The judge asks certain statutorily required questions such as, “can you be impartial?” and jurors rarely indicate anything contrary […]

The Commerce Clause to the United States Constitution and Criminal Law

I am interrupting my review of sentencing law to write about the “Commerce Clause” of the United States Constitution. Recently, I listened to an excellent podcast on the Commerce Clause. I encourage you to listen to is here. The commerce clause is the legal fiction used to grant the federal government virtual unfettered jurisdiction in […]

What are your rights to a search of your dorm room or locker in Georgia?

As a student, what rights do you have to contest the search and seizure of drugs or alcohol on campus? Whether you are in high school or college, you still have limited rights to privacy that can only be overcome in accordance with school policies or a search warrant if law enforcement is involved. The […]

Serious Injury by Vehicle and Vehicular Homicide in Georgia

You have been charged in Georgia with Vehicular Homicide or Serious Injury by Vehicle.  There is no way to describe in detail everything that needs to be done in order to reach a successful outcome for a client charged with Vehicular Homicide or Serious Injury by Vehicle in Georgia.  As with every type of Georgia […]