Protect Yourself from Financial Transaction Card Theft in Georgia

We get calls all the time from people who have been charged in Georgia with taking your financial transaction (debit/credit) card information after you have voluntarily provided it to a business. You may have paid at the pump at a gas station, given your card to a fast food employee at the counter or a drive thru, or even paid for a product or service online only to find out that card has been compromised and unauthorized charges were placed on it.

Helpful tips to protect yourself from Financial Transaction Card theft!

But that’s all right. You can protect your financial transaction cards from theft in Georgia by following some basic steps.

  1. Be vigilant about checking your cards for unauthorized purchases. Every bank and credit card company has the ability to create an account where you can monitor your cards at your convenience. Depending on your activities that may be a daily monitoring or less frequently if you choose.
  2. Always choose credit over debit if that is an option with your debit card. Purchasing as a credit card offers additional protections that using a debit card does not.
  3. If you “pay at the pump” make sure the pump has not been tampered with. Most gas stations use tape to determine whether that pump has been compromised. If that tape has been broken, do not use your card at that pump.
  4. Be careful when you give your card to someone who takes your card from you to process payment. They could be copying your card information, taking pictures of your card, or even using your card in the time they have it in their possession.
  5. Make sure your PIN and passwords are secure. Do not use common PIN numbers or passwords. Change your passwords regularly. There are sites on the Internet that will tell you if a password you use has been compromised. Check those sites regularly. Consider using a password manager to manage your Internet presence.
  6. If you receive strange mail regarding accounts you have not opened or activated, do not ignore them, that could be someone attempting to steal your identity.

Give us a call today if you find yourself in a situation like this.

The best way to protect yourself from financial transaction card theft in Georgia is to be vigilant. Stay on top of your accounts. Monitor your activity. If you see something out of the ordinary, report it immediately. If you have any questions regarding your rights if your card information has been stolen, call our office at 404-581-0999. If you know where your card information was stolen, call the police.