VIDEO – Georgia Drivers License Consequences of a Second in Five Year DUI Conviction in Georgia

If you are convicted of a second DUI charge within a five year period from the dates of arrest, the penalty against your drivers license by the Georgia Department of Drivers Services is escalated. For a second in five conviction, your full driving privileges will be suspended for eighteen months. After first serving a 120 […]

VIDEO – Effects on a Drivers License of a First DUI Conviction in a Five Year Period in Georgia

by Ryan Walsh and Scott Smith We get questions all the time regarding what happens to your Georgia drivers license after a DUI conviction. The Georgia Department of Driver Services looks at Drivers License suspensions for DUI convictions in five year periods from the date the incident occurs. The information provided in this video blog […]

VIDEO – Police Searches and the 4th Amendment under Georgia Law

by Scott Smith and Ryan Walsh You’re driving and the blue lights come on behind you. You pull over and the officer comes up to your vehicle. He immediately asks if he can search? Do you know what your rights are? The Fourth Amendment’s protection against unreasonable searches is the subject of today’s video blog. […]

VIDEO – Seizure and the 4th Amendment under Georgia Criminal Law

by Ryan Walsh and Scott Smith You’re sitting in a park with friends. An officer comes up to you and asks you if you’ve been smoking weed. You say no, but they place you in handcuffs while they search the area. Is this legal? What are your rights? The 4th amendment’s protection against unreasonable seizures […]

VIDEO – How to Choose a Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney

by Scott Smith I’ve been charged with a serious crime. How do I choose a criminal defense attorney to represent me? Choosing the right criminal defense lawyer is the subject of today’s video blog. After you have been arrested or cited for a crime the first thing most people do is start a search for […]