arrest and/or conviction for DUI in Georgia will impact your record. There are
two types of records, a criminal record, maintained by the Georgia Crime and Information Center (GCIC) and your driving record, also called a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR – maintained by the
Department of Driver’s Services)

article serves to explain how a DUI affects your record, both criminal and
driving, and whether you can get a DUI taken off of your records.

Criminal Record

If you
are arrested, booked, and fingerprinted, this information will be forwarded to
GCIC and placed on your record. If you are applying for a new job, housing, or
if your employer runs a background check on you, they will be able to see the
arrest on your GCIC. Each arrest is reported as a “cycle,” which shows the date
of arrest, the arresting agency, the offense charged, and a “disposition.” The
disposition describes the outcome of the case. If the case is still pending,
the disposition will show an arrest but no outcome. If you are convicted or the
case was dismissed or reduced, the disposition will state as such.

If you
are convicted of DUI, whether at trial or through a plea, it will remain on
your record permanently. You will not
be able to get the record restricted, you cannot get it expunged, you cannot
use first offender. This remains true even if your DUI charge was reduced to
Reckless Driving.

Driving Record

Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) is very similar to your GCIC. If you have been
arrested for DUI and the officer takes your driver’s license in order to
facilitate an administrative suspension of your license, your MVR will show a pending administrative license
suspension. If this administrative potion of the case is dismissed, your MVR
will be cleared up. However, if you are ultimately convicted of DUI through a
plea or trial, your MVR will reflect this conviction and you can expect your
insurance prices to rise because insurance companies have access to these
MVR’s. This conviction will remain on your MVR permanently.

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