VIDEO – One Leg Stand Field Sobriety Test

by Scott Smith and Ryan Walsh

You’ve agreed to take standardized field sobriety tests and the next thing you know you are raising your foot off the ground, trying to balance on one leg. What is this test? What is the officer looking for? Those questions are the subject of today’s Peach State Lawyer video blog.

The last of the three standardized field sobriety tests is the one leg stand field sobriety test. This test is performed exactly how it sounds. The officer will have you stand with your feet together, hands down by your side. You will then raise one leg six inches off the ground and hold that position, counting out one thousand-one, one thousand-two, and so on, until the officer asks you to stop.

Typically, this test will last approximately thirty seconds. During this test, the officer is looking for four specific clues. Those clues are number one, putting your foot down, hopping, swaying, and using your arms for balance.

If any of these four clues happen once at any time during the test, it constitutes a clue. Exhibiting two clues out of four clues indicates to the officer that you are an impaired driver. An experienced Georgia DUI attorney can help you look at a copy of the video and point out the good and bad things done on the test. This includes the officer’s description and demonstration of the test.

In our experience, people who have nothing to drink can sometimes perform very poorly on this dexterity test.

Our officer of experienced Georgia DUI attorneys can look at your performance on any of these field sobriety tests and tell you the legal and factual defenses we can use to help get your charges dismissed, reduced, or prepared to fight at trial.

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