Released on Copy of Citation in Georgia – Is it Still a Crime?

In Georgia, you don’t have to be arrested to be charged with a crime. All traffic offenses and certain other crimes allow officers to release you on a copy of citation. This includes city ordinance violations in many Georgia municipalities, all traffic offenses including DUI, some drug crimes, minor theft cases, and other crimes and misdemeanors. Just because you haven’t been arrested does not mean you aren’t facing a serious criminal charge that could be on your criminal record forever.

The good news is that because you weren’t arrested and fingerprinted, it means that arrest is not on your criminal history right now. But it very well could be later, and it is important to have the right Georgia criminal defense attorney on your side to prevent that citation from hurting you later.

The right Georgia criminal defense attorney can acquire all the evidence in the case and do everything they can to try and prevent you from being fingerprinted later and a cycle appearing on your Georgia Criminal History. Many municipalities require fingerprinting after conviction, or sometimes if you request a jury trial on your case. Once you are fingerprinted, that charge may appear on your Georgia criminal history and be available to people running background checks.

Also, just because you aren’t fingerprinted, doesn’t mean there is not a record of your case in the Clerk’s office where you are charged. Many background check companies are now going directly to local Clerk’s offices in your area looking for open and closed cases with your name and date of birth. Even if you weren’t arrested, and often if a case is dismissed and proper procedures aren’t taken, the charges of your case still show up in the Clerk’s record, potentially impacting your ability to find work in Georgia.

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