by Scott Smith and Ryan Walsh

Beginning on July 1, 2015 it became legal to purchase fireworks in Georgia. What used to be annual trips around the major holidays to the Alabama and South Carolina border has ended and consumer fireworks are now available for purchase in Georgia.

To legally purchase fireworks in Georgia you must be 18 years of age and provide a photo ID at a physical store licensed to sell fireworks. There are no online sales of fireworks in Georgia, so you can’t log in to your Amazon account and order your Fourth of July arsenal.

State law restricts the hours you can set off fireworks. On any day throughout the year, you can light fireworks from 10am until 9pm. Some counties and municipalities may extend these regular hours until 11:59pm depending on local noise ordinances. However, On July 3rd, 4th, December 31st and January 1st, the hours to light fireworks are extended until Midnight or 1am depending on date.

All fireworks must be lit by adults. Fireworks cannot be ignited in a public roadway or within 100 feet of gas stations, airports, jails or prisons.

If you’ve been cited for improper use of fireworks, give us a call at 404-581-0999. Our office of attorneys understands Georgia fireworks law and is ready to defend your citation.

Thank you.