VIDEO – How to Choose a Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney

by Scott Smith

I’ve been charged with a serious crime. How do I choose a criminal defense attorney to represent me? Choosing the right criminal defense lawyer is the subject of today’s video blog.

After you have been arrested or cited for a crime the first thing most people do is start a search for a criminal defense attorney to protect them and get them the best possible outcome.

Some people are fortunate to know a lawyer or have a lawyer in the family. Others, who are not so fortunate, will turn to the internet and google ‘criminal defense lawyer near me’ or ‘best criminal defense attorney near me.’

There are review sites to turn to such as AVVO and Google Plus. These sites can be helpful in finding someone to competently handle your case.

I suggest you look at it like buying a house or a car. First, do not buy the first car you step into. I would suggest making at least three appointments to see different lawyers. In my experience, you want to get a feel for the lawyer, his or her law firm and the personality of the lawyer themselves.

Things I would suggest you look for: Organization of the office itself, responsiveness on the phone and in person, how the lawyer dresses and how long you have to wait in their waiting room.

In meeting with the lawyer it is perfectly normal to ask the difficult questions, such as have you handled these types of cases before, do you handle solely criminal defense cases, what results should I expect and how do you feel about my case?

A lawyer should never guarantee results. If a lawyer guarantee’s a result, run. In Georgia it is unethical and reckless to guarantee a result.

Some people are looking for the best priced lawyer. I believe this is a mistake. There are certain things you want to skimp on the price. This works when it comes to bath towels and paper plates. Your freedom should never be one of those things.

Finally, I have always said every case can be won. It just takes the right lawyer, right time, and right jury. Keeping this in mind do not discount someone based on years of experience or familiarity with the court. Sometimes, a lawyer without ties to the county can have a bigger impact than a ‘local lawyer.’ Similarly, a young lawyer can out perform a seasoned lawyer as they can sometimes try harder. I much rather have a lawyer that is passionate with only a few cases under their belt than a lawyer with no personality that is a scholar of the law.

I hope some of these tips help in your search of the best criminal defense lawyer for your case. If you wish to meet with me or one of the lawyers in our office, come see us. We would love the have you. The office number is 404-581-0999.