by Ryan Walsh and Scott Smith

Graduations. Proms. Birthdays. All your teenage milestones. You’re going to be the cool parent and buy some beers for your kids and their friends to drink in your home.  What’s the law? Can you do it? The sale or distribution of alcohol to minors is the subject of today’s video blog.

Georgia law is clear. No one under the age of 21 can purchase, try to get another to purchase, or consume alcohol. There’s only one exception when alcohol can be purchased for someone underage, and that is when you are the parent or guardian of that child, and the alcohol is being served in your home with you present.

It is illegal for any other minors to drink with the child unless their parent or guardian is present as well. Anyone caught selling to, purchasing for, or attempting to buy alcohol for someone under 21 can be charged with a misdemeanor offense under Official Code of Georgia §3-3-23 which carries a potential punishment of twelve months in custody and a $1000 fine.

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