If you have been charged with a drug crime in Morgan County, you have come to right place. I-20 runs through Morgan County so a majority of drug cases originate from unlucky people who just happened to be passing through Morgan County on their way to one of a number of cities connected by I-20. You can almost guarantee that there will be one or more officers policing that strip of interstate at any given time.  Make no mistake about it, those officers are there to write traffic citations and will always have an eye towards sniffing out drugs in your vehicle.  This is how a majority of drug cases begin in any county, but Morgan County really capitalizes on its stretch of interstate.

So we will assume that if you are charged with a drug crime in Morgan County, that your case likely started as a result of an automobile search for the time being.  Please refer to our previous blogs if your case happens to be the result of some other encounter such as a search of your residence or an encounter with an officer on foot.

The first step in defending any automobile search is to attack the basis for the stop of the vehicle.  I.e. the officer had no reason to stop you and thus it was an illegal search and seizure based on a bad stop.  The second step is to determine how exactly the officer got his or her hands on the drugs.  Hopefully, you did not consent to the search or willingly hand over the drugs since the officer still needs a valid warrant (or likely one of a number of exceptions to the warrant requirement) to search your vehicle.  If you did consent, then you have waived any further argument about an unlawful search and seizure, but we can still attack the basis for the initial stop and attack your “consent” as being coerced by the officer.  There are a number of exceptions to the warrant requirement, but that is precisely the reason you consult with and ultimately hire the best defense attorney you can find.  For drug crimes in Morgan County, we’ll ensure you get the best possible outcome.  Call us today at 404-581-0999 for your free consultation.