Handling Your Misdemeanor Case in Georgia during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The court system in Georgia has changed drastically over the past nine months. Judges have adopted virtual court appearances. Prosecutors and defense attorneys are working their cases from home. Clerks offices and entire courthouses throughout Georgia have been shut down due to positive COVID cases.

The handling of misdemeanor cases in Georgia has become a completely different process from arrest through closure. Police officers are issuing citations instead of arrest in many situations. Cases that would normally require fingerprints at the time of police interaction like theft by shoplifting, driving on a suspended license, misdemeanor possession of marijuana, and even DUI are ending with our potential client being released instead of taken to jail.

Court appearances are being postponed, sometimes to months later. It took the Municipal Court of Atlanta almost eight months to re-open after the beginning on the pandemic. They are still catching up on cases at this time. Delays in resolution means cases are outstanding for longer periods, and in some cases able to be seen by persons running background checks for a longer period of time. Also, just because you weren’t arrested doesn’t mean fingerprints will not be required before your case is resolved.

Having a Georgia attorney experienced with misdemeanors during this time is essential in trying to get closure as quick as possible on your case. An attorney can reach out to the prosecutor’s office and try and fast track your case to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

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