by Ryan Walsh and Scott Smith

We get questions all the time regarding what happens to your Georgia drivers license after a DUI conviction. The Georgia Department of Driver Services looks at Drivers License suspensions for DUI convictions in five year periods from the date the incident occurs.

The information provided in this video blog is for people that hold Georgia drivers licenses. If you do not hold a Georgia drivers license, you will not be eligible for a limited driving permit in Georgia and must serve the full period of suspension before you are eligible for a drivers license in Georgia.

If you have an out of state drivers license, it is important to consult with an attorney licensed to practice in the state you hold your drivers license about the consequences of a DUI on your out of state drivers license. Please remember, if you do not have a Georgia drivers license, you will not have the privilege to drive in Georgia during the suspension period.

If this is your first conviction for an arrest occurring in the past five years, the period of drivers license suspension is 120 days. You will be eligible for a limited driving permit for those 120 days if you have not had a conviction for an offense that suspends your Georgia drivers license in the past five years.

The limited driving permit costs $25 and is valid for one year, even though the period of suspension is only 120 days. To obtain a limited driving permit you must also have a First DUI Conviction Affidavit issued by the Court or a certified copy of your disposition.

A Limited Driving Permit means you can only use your car for the following:

  • Going to your place of employment or performing the normal duties of your job
  • Receiving medical treatment or obtaining prescription drugs
  • Attending college or school if you are regularly enrolled as a student
  • Attending Addiction or Abuse treatment for alcohol or drugs by organizations recognized by DDS
  • Court ordered driver education, driver implement, or alcohol and drug treatment programs
  • Attending court, reporting to a probation office or officer, or performing community service
  • And Transporting an unlicensed immediate family member for work, medical care, or prescriptions, or to school.

After the 120 day period you can reinstate your license if you pay the $210 reinstatement fee and submit an original certificate of completion of a DDS approved DUI Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction Program.

Our attorneys and staff are experts in the field of Georgia DUI. If you have a question in regards to your Georgia drivers license suspension or DUI arrest, please call us immediately at 404-581-0999.Addressing a DUI case early is the key to gathering the necessary evidence to present the best defenses in your case.