Self-Defense Laws in Georgia

Self defense is often used and necessary in some situations, especially when you feel your life or safety is being threatened. In Georgia, people are allowed to use self defense when they are confronted with a reasonable perceived threat that is perceived to be lethal or dangerous in nature. In those situations, people are entitled within Georgia law to use deadly force to stop the perceived threat instead of retreating or backing down. This is the same kind of deadly force an Atlanta or Dekalb County police officer may use in a threatening situation when the officer feels as though his life is in danger or the threat is perceived to be lethal. In those situations, people may continue to use deadly force until the threat is quashed or diminished. 

O.C.G.A. §16-3-21 is the Georgia statute that outlines the law that allows people to protect themselves or a third party against an imminent use of unlawful force in a reasonably believed threatening situation. The statute also states the face that a person is not justified in using deadly force if he/she is the initial primary provoker of the situation, is attempting to commit or flee after the commission of a felony, and if he/she was the aggressor. 

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