License Suspension & Points

Help! My license is suspended from having too many points.

The State of Georgia will suspend your license if you get too many traffic tickets. In fact, the suspension by the Department of Driver Services is automatic. Most people do not know there license has been suspended for accumulating too many points until it is too late. By simply paying your speeding and other traffic tickets, you are pleading guilty and the points are automatically assessed to your driver’s record. It is important to speak with an attorney to attend the court date whenever you receive a traffic ticket in order to avoid this from happening, and to avoid the points from racking up. If 15 points are put onto your record in a 24 month period, the license suspension is automatic. It is a one year suspension.

More About Points

              Points for traffic tickets range from 1 point to 6 points. For example, texting while driving is 1 point, whereas passing a school bus is 6 points. Speeding varies on the point scale depending on how fast you were going over the speed limit. So if over two years, you are pulled over and you either were convicted in court, or simply paid the fine ahead of time, and the amount of points reached 15 in a two year period, your license will be suspended. This suspension can be anywhere from one year to three years depending on how many times you have received this type of suspension.

A Special Warning

              Be aware that the 15 point limit applies to drivers over the age of 18. If you are under 18, accumulating just FOUR points in a 12 month period will suspend your license. This means that just one speeding ticket could suspend a younger driver’s license, and no permit would be available in that situation. An attorney can help in these situations negotiate something that would not have this affect.   

Am I eligible for a permit of any kind?

YES. If this is the first time in five years you have received this type of license suspension, you are in fact eligible for a limited permit. DDS will issue a limited permit immediately upon receiving a defensive driving course and a $210 reinstatement fee in addition to the $25 permit fee. This limited permit would allow you to drive to work, medical appointments, and other limited circumstances.

              If a points suspension occurs again within another 24 month period, within 5 years of the first one, the suspension is actually a full three years. However, just as in the first case, you can get a limited permit with a defensive driving course and a higher reinstatement fee.

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