Forced Blood Draws

Georgia State Patrol Night Hawks Division has gone to a new system in Fulton County. If you refuse to take a breath test at the jail on the Intoxilyzer 5000, the trooper will seek a telephonic warrant with a magistrate judge to force you to give the State a sample of your blood. If the judge believes there is enough evidence a driver was driving under the influence to the extent he was less safe, the judge will give the trooper permission to strap you down to a restraint chair and have a jail nurse stick a needle in your arm to draw blood for testing. This is going on right now in Fulton County and the City of Atlanta.

My suggestion, if you are ever in this situation where a warrant has been issued, immediately rescind your refusal. Make sure you are loud enough to where other jail administrators hear you. Do your best to get the names of the witnesses who hear you rescind your refusal.

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