First post

In my first post I would like to recognize two of Atlanta’s finest attorneys. It just so happens I work with both of them in my office. Attorney Mike Jacobs is the the epitome of the next generation of great lawyers. Mike Jacobs recently got a murder case dismissed in DeKalb County. It was described by a Atlanta criminal investigator as the fastest dismissal on a murder case in Georgia’s history. The local media interviewed Mike Jacobs and our Client.

Daniel Farnsworth is the other attorney. Attorney Daniel Farnsworth was recently recognized by our colleagues in the State of Georgia as having the criminal Case of the Year; the award is called the COTY award. On his office desk is an incredible trophy recognizing his legal accomplishments. As a young lawyer who has gotten several major cases reduced or dismissed, his abilities in legal research and legal writing of motions and appeals are unheard of for such a young lawyer.