If you or a loved one is arrested for child molestation in Fulton County, it is important that you act immediately to protect yourself. Do not wait until your court date to get an attorney and to preserve evidence.

The Fulton County District Attorney’s office has a dedicated
division called the Crimes Against Women and Children Unit. They will
vigorously prosecute you if you are charged with child molestation. 

Do not think that just because you are innocent that the
charges will be dismissed. Child molestation charges are aggressively
prosecuted in Fulton County and the police believe children who make the

Make sure your attorney has had jury trials in child
molestation cases and has won these cases. Do not let an attorney handle your
case who does not specifically handle child molestation cases.

The law may say you are presumed innocent but in child
molestation cases, you have to prove your innocence.

Here is what you should do if arrested for child molestation
in Fulton County.

  1. Hire an attorney – Make sure that attorney
    actually handles and tries child molestation cases. Most criminal defense
    attorneys do not handle child molestation cases. Make sure the attorney you
    talk to does regularly handles child molestation cases in Georgia.
  2. Avoid making any statements – Do not walk into
    the police department and profess your innocence. The police will not believe
    you. Do not think you can show up at your first court date and tell the
    prosecutor and judge that you are innocent and expect the charges to be
    dropped. If you are arrested for child molestation, you have to start preparing
    for your jury trial. Do not make any statements to anyone except your lawyer.
  3. Start gathering important evidence
    1. Gather and preserve any physical evidence in
      your possession that might relate to the child making the accusation. This
      includes clothing, photos, video or any other tangible object.
    1. Gather and preserve any documents that might
      relate to this accusation including emails, texts, social media, phone records,
      GPS records, computer records or any other document that might show where you
      were when this incident allegedly occurred.
    1. Witnesses – Immediately make a list of any
      person who you think might have information about this child molestation
      accusation. Do not discuss the case with this person but pass this list of
      potential witnesses to your attorney and let your attorney contact them.

Here is what you should never do if arrested for child
molestation in Fulton County.

  1. Never talk to the alleged victim or the family.
  2. Never have any contact with the alleged victim
    through a 3rd party or through social media.
  3. Never talk to law enforcement without an
    attorney present.
  4. Never talk to a child welfare agency or any
    other governmental agency without an attorney present.

If you are arrested for child molestation or any sex offense
in Fulton County, please call our office 24/7 at 404-581-0999 or send us an
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