DeKalb County’s Domestic Violence Pre-Trial Intervention Program (DVPTI)

              If you are facing a domestic violence charge in DeKalb County, the Domestic Violence Pre-Trial Intervention Program (DVPTI) may be an option for you. The DeKalb County Office of the Solicitor General has enacted a program that allows certain defendants arrested for family violence battery the option to enroll in a program that will result in the case being dismissed. The terms of the DVPTI program can differ, and they typically range from a few anger management courses to a full 24-week program. This program gives first-time domestic batterers the opportunity to receive classes and counseling versus jail and conviction. The purpose is to reduce the risk of re-offending while giving first-time offenders a second chance.

Why Pick DVPTI?

              DVPTI is completely voluntary. It is essentially a diversion from the typical criminal justice process. If you decline the enrollment in the program, the case will be sent to a trial court to be formally prosecuted. What this means is you will be asked to enter either a Guilty or a Not Guilty plea to the charges. A guilty plea will result in a criminal conviction that will remain on your record forever as well as a sentence which tends to be more harsh than that which is offered in the DVPTI. Alternatively, a Not Guilty plea will result either in a jury trial or a trial in front of a judge. DVPTI, on the other hand, does not require a plea at all since it is a diversion option. It gives you the opportunity to be in charge of the dismissal.

End Results

              If you successfully complete the terms of the DVPTI program in DeKalb County, the case will be fully dismissed against you, and the arrest will be sealed off of your record. This means potential employers will not be able to see that you have been arrested for family violence battery and you can honestly say you have not been convicted of the crime.

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