The Law Office of Scott Smith would like to welcome back
attorney Carl Chapman as of counsel. 
Carl will be heading up our expansion outside of metro Atlanta with our
new office in McDonough, GA located at 390 Racetrack Rd, McDonough, GA 30252.  As always, we take cases throughout the state
of Georgia, but our McDonough office will extend our core service area to
include an additional fifteen counties which will be covered in a series of
separate blog posts throughout the coming weeks.  You will still be able to utilize the
resources of the entire law firm including the mock trial courtroom in our
Marietta office.  The southside office
just offers a convenient location for our clients who do not wish to travel
into the city.

Carl brings over five years of criminal defense experience to
the team.  He has spent his entire career
defending individuals charged with crimes in Georgia, including three years as
an associate with our office.  Carl
understands that a criminal charge can derail someone’s life, and the mere
allegation of wrongdoing can ruin an otherwise spotless reputation.  However, an allegation can be overcome with
an aggressive defense including a thorough investigation and zealous advocacy.  A guilty plea has the same effect as a conviction,
and both are permanent.  You cannot take
a plea now and hope to get it expunged later. 
We’ve written numerous blogs about the subject but the only way you get
your record clear is to get a complete dismissal or negotiate an alternative resolution,
i.e. not a guilty plea.  Every case is unique,
and you should never make a decision about how to resolve the case until you
have made every effort to defend yourself. 

If you have been charged with a criminal case
in Georgia, we hope to continue to be the first call you make and promise to
get you the best outcome possible. Call us today at 404-581-0999.