In 2018, there were 21,784
DUI convictions
Georgia. A DUI arrest and conviction has serious consequences. Among those
consequences, you can expect to pay a significant amount of money in defending
the case. This article serves to provide a general idea of what it costs to be
arrested and convicted of DUI.

  1. Bail/Bond: $150 – $2,500. Cost of bail in a
    DUI arrest depends on a variety of factors including but not limited to
    prior criminal history, case facts, and ties to the community.
  2. Towing: $50 – $200. The cost of towing
    and impounding a car can increase daily.
  3. Insurance
    : $4,500 or
    more. Depending on your insurance carrier and driving history, your rates
    could double, triple or even quadruple over a period of three to five
  4. Legal
    : $2,000-
  5. Fines: $300 – $5000. These base fines
    vary depending on the nature of your offense and any prior DUI’s. These
    base fines do not include statutory court costs which can increase the
    base fine by 50% or more. 
  6. Alcohol
    : $95 – $300. The
    law requires completion of an alcohol and drug evaluation and treatment if
    recommended by the evaluator.
  7. Classes: $500 – $4,000. As part of a DUI
    conviction you will be required to complete a Risk Reduction class (also
    referred to as “DUI School”). This class costs $350. You are also required
    to complete a Victim Impact Panel which costs roughly $100.
  8. License reinstatement fees: $210 – $410. License
    reinstatement generally costs $210. However, depending on your history,
    you could be required to install an ignition interlock device on your
    vehicle in order to reinstate your license. You would have to pay for the
    installation of the device plus daily maintenance costs.

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