More and more municipalities are beginning to charge their
citizens with city ordinance violations instead of state law violations when
they are arrested for breaking the law in Georgia. Especially in municipalities
like Atlanta and Sandy Springs. These violations are similar to their state law
counterparts, charges like Disorderly Conduct, Theft by Shoplifting, and
Possession of less than an ounce of Marijuana, but they have a different impact
on your criminal history.

Police Officers will tell you they are cutting you a break
when they only charge you with a city ordinance violation. They will often say,
“don’t worry, it won’t show up on your criminal history.” That statement is
only partly true. Every time you get fingerprinted after an arrest, whether it’s
a city ordinance or a state law violation, a cycle will be created on your
Georgia Criminal History. That cycle may only say city ordinance
non-fingerprintable offense, but it will by a cycle on your history. Also the
clerk’s office in the municipality where you were arrested or cited will have a
record of your charge in their office. Many private background check companies go
to all of the municipal courts in your area and search your name and date of
birth for cases.

Having an attorney to represent your city ordinance
violation in cities like Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Atlanta, Alpharetta, and
Roswell will give you the best opportunity to make sure your case is dismissed
and your record is restricted. Call us today for a free consultation,