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Georgia DUI Law: Challenging the Stop, Improper Turn

Georgia DUI investigations usually begin with a routine traffic stop. At a minimum, in order to stop you and your vehicle, the stopping officer needs to have “reasonable and articulable suspicion” to believe a crime has, or is about to be committed. An officer normally satisfies this requirement by observing a traffic or equipment violation. […]

What do you do if you are arrested for child molestation in Fulton County?

If you or a loved one is arrested for child molestation in Fulton County, it is important that you act immediately to protect yourself. Do not wait until your court date to get an attorney and to preserve evidence. The Fulton County District Attorney’s office has a dedicated division called the Crimes Against Women and […]

Did I get arrested? A discussion of what constitutes an arrest and how it impacts your Georgia Criminal History

In Georgia, many offenses that are not crimes in every state, like traffic offenses, are considered criminal offenses. Because so many offenses that aren’t treated like crimes in every state are crimes, it’s important to know if your interaction with law enforcement constitutes an arrest in the State of Georgia. Not every arrest will go […]

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