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VIDEO – Georgia Fireworks Laws

by Scott Smith and Ryan Walsh Beginning on July 1, 2015 it became legal to purchase fireworks in Georgia. What used to be annual trips around the major holidays to the Alabama and South Carolina border has ended and consumer fireworks are now available for purchase in Georgia. To legally purchase fireworks in Georgia you […]

VIDEO – Selling or Purchasing Alcohol for Minors in Georgia

by Ryan Walsh and Scott Smith Graduations. Proms. Birthdays. All your teenage milestones. You’re going to be the cool parent and buy some beers for your kids and their friends to drink in your home.  What’s the law? Can you do it? The sale or distribution of alcohol to minors is the subject of today’s […]

VIDEO – Georgia Drivers License Consequences of a Second in Five Year DUI Conviction in Georgia

If you are convicted of a second DUI charge within a five year period from the dates of arrest, the penalty against your drivers license by the Georgia Department of Drivers Services is escalated. For a second in five conviction, your full driving privileges will be suspended for eighteen months. After first serving a 120 […]

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